Stop scaling, start growing an Agile organization

Strategic advantage lies in being yourself and doing the right things the right way. Those who copy what their competitors are doing, place themselves behind the pack — a sure way of losing. This is why “scaling” agility is misleading at best, and disastrous at worst. When you take an existing model and fit your organization to that, you lose much of what makes you unique and different.Companies small and large must instead learn to grow their own agility for their own advantage. This sounds simple — and it is, when you know what to look for.In this keynote, Andrea Tomasini presents guidelines and heuristics for growing an agile organization along with concrete examples from Siemens and Ericsson. You will understand why the first step in any transition must be learning how to change. Small inexpensive experiments and empirical metrics will lead you towards your strategical goal, iteratively and incrementally.The agile transition never ends — but you know it’s working when transitioning becomes a way of life. This not only lets you adapt to new market conditions: it also allows you to create change in the market, on your own terms.

Johnny'S Cove
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