Why Coworkation In Italy ? Because we are finding happiness !

Working and travelling, like a Global Citizen. There is no longer a division between vacation and work, we are all citizen of the world and we can continue to turn it far and wide. A Digital Nomad is a location independent who has adopted a nomadic lifestyle, combining travel and work, spending a few months in one place before moving on to another destination.

We have the same DNA and we are in the same shoes,  this community is relationship based like a continuos inspiration.

How does Coworkation In Italy can ? We are finding freedom !

A Location Independent is a professional with the freedom to work from different locations and places,” whether it be a coworking site or cafés, but often in the city they live in or a more less fixed base. However, primarily it is about freedom. A Location Indipendent, on the other hand, generally tends to be more focused on their career or business. Although they may travel from time-to-time they are usually to be found in coworking spaces in the city of which they live.

What does Coworkation in Italy do ? It’s your choice, choose Italy as coliving and coworking destination!

If you are a freelancers (work for clients/others and still exchange time against money), entrepreneurs (build scalable products and services but work anywhere) or remote workers (standard employees, but with ‘work from anywhere’ kind of jobs), this place is right for you.

A unique programme in an amazing location; inspiring people to encourage your personal and professional growth, whilst having an absolute blast in Italy.

Coliving is a new form of community living in which individuals reside under the same roof, with all living necessities covered. The community between tenants is cultivated by a professional host. Coliving helps people live with purpose and share their passion. Coliving allows you the freedom to focus on you, your social life and your project – the house is not your issue to attend to, it’s simply there for your convenience, security and enjoyment.

Long gone are the days of having to remain in the same town, in the same house, doing the same job. Today’s millennials have quickly realised that change is good for the soul and the bank integration. Nowadays, it’s easier than ever to move from job to job, gaining experiences in different countries. Millennials across the globe are jumping at the chance to travel and work remotely – meeting people from all corners of the world – and benefitting from broadening their minds and their horizons. And one thing’s for sure – this is a lifestyle that’s here to stay.