How to be a high performing distributed team

As web technologies advance, it’s becoming more and more common for companies to go remote. In the past, communication with remote colleagues has been notoriously bad. The connections were rarely good, we couldn’t see each other, and we often found ourselves around conference room tables hunched over a spider phone yelling “Hey Bob, it’s Lisette. Can you hear me?”. And indeed, in these conditions, working with teams outside the office was undesirable, to say the least. Your virtual team is working ok-ish, but you know things could be better. You would like to know how to work online as if […]

How remote work redefines productivity

When it comes to remote work, our current industry state has strange productivity metrics. The quantity of the office spent hours seems to matter more than the quality of the work done, even though it can lead to a toxic, over-competitive environment or even burnout. Building a healthy work culture without physical proximity is ultimately a trust exercise and here’s something to be said about productivity when you shift focus onto variables like discipline, proactivity, creativity, handling distractions and working without guidance. Johnny’S Cove CoWorking & CoLiving in Civitanova Marche (MC) – Italy BOOK NOW!

How to manage a remote team

Markus Ahlstrand is a cofounder and Think Chief Architect of acast, a curated platform for podcasts that connect listeners, podcast creators, and advertisers in a fully integrated, one-stop shop. Markus will be discussing how he tries to get the most out of remote work, which processes and tools can be used to boost the advantages of remote working, and how do you keep everyone on the page. Johnny’S Cove CoWorking & CoLiving in Civitanova Marche (MC) – Italy BOOK NOW!

Agile in Distributed Teams

In the ideal perfect world there will be rainbows and unicorns and teams that all sit together. In reality most teams have to deal with distribution in one form or another. For some its team members spread across a building, for others its team members in other parts of the world in different time zones. We will provide some tips to help agile work better for these teams Johnny’S Cove CoWorking & CoLiving in Civitanova Marche (MC) – Italy BOOK NOW!