Overcome Your Fears Of Uncertainty

In society, we have been given these rules about how to get to follow traditional trajectories of success. We learn these from our parents, our teachers, and others around us doing the same thing. So when you do change your path, it can feel really un-grounding and shaky to take that leap into the unknown. This can fill us with these feelings of fear, panic and anxiety. Then what do we do? We create stories. The worst case scenario stories. “If I start this business and I fail I’ll, be a laughing stock in my community.” “I’ve been a lawyer […]

How to make it big selling online courses

Joanne Mauro believes there are no longer any rules about how we work, and as long as you can pay the rent, there’s no reason you can’t do what you want, when you want, where you want and for whom you want. Jo no longer works as a freelancer with clients, and instead now makes a successful living from selling digital downloads and online courses. Johnny’S Cove CoWorking & CoLiving in Civitanova Marche (MC) – Italy BOOK NOW!

StepUp your team’s output with Kanban

Agenda for “StepUp your team’s output with Kanban” webinar Why Kanban? Myths about Kanban. Where to start, how to start? What is flow system? Why flow system? What is WIP? how to decide WIP limits? How did WIP Limits help? How to identify request Type and associate it with classes of service? Setting up and visualizing the flow. Johnny’S Cove CoWorking & CoLiving in Civitanova Marche (MC) – Italy BOOK NOW!

Building habit forming products

Why do we check Facebook when we go to bed and right after we wake up? Why do we think “Google” every time we have questions? What makes Pinterest, Twitter and Instragram to success? Nir Eyal has the recipe for how to make addictive products that make people come back time and again. Triggers, low-threshold interactions and variable rewards are some of the key words. Johnny’S Cove CoWorking & CoLiving in Civitanova Marche (MC) – Italy BOOK NOW!

The Power of Pull

John Hagel carefully observes the unexpected on the “edges” of business, where things bump up against each other to produce change. In this video story, The Power of Pull co-author shares a personal story about passion and how, for companies big and small, it can create sustained extreme performance improvement. Johnny’S Cove CoWorking & CoLiving in Civitanova Marche (MC) – Italy BOOK NOW!

All these moments will be lost in time The web, the future, and us

Iterating regularly in order to meet changing needs, but how do we ensure that the projects that we’re planning now are still as relevant and robust when they launch in the future… and beyond? How do we prepare for the unknowns and constant shifts in technology; what can we do to progress the evolution of the web itself; and how do we, as individuals, ensure that our skills are as relevant as ever in this rapidly changing world? In this talk we’ll look at why the future is important, and past visions of the future, including those from the world […]