Self-Awareness to Thrive

In this talk, you will get insights and knowledge on why and how self-awareness is the key to empowerment, fulfillment and also productivity. Self-awareness applied to work is about understanding what works and what does not work for you, in terms of places, people, situations and tasks and learning to manage your energy, not your time…

When you then look at the bigger picture, self-awareness and communication are also the keys to fruitful, balanced and meaningful collaborations. In a team or company frame, the more people know themselves and feel that they can express it without blame, the more they will be engaged. Because they are seen, accepted, and valued for who they are. It is an individual responsibility as well as a group responsibility to create the right environment for people to thrive and innovate. We will review the key to impulse a healthy and empowering work organisation, as a manager as well as a team member.

Johnny'S Cove
CoWorking & CoLiving in Civitanova Marche (MC) - Italy

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