4+3+2+1 Team Success Factors

Jimmy Janlén presents 4+3+2+1 Team Success Factors, a model that captures and describes what you can do to help your team become strong and successful. These 10 factors are split into four groups. * The first group describes four dialogs we need to have as a team. * Next we have three aspects of hard work. * Then there are two dialogs I need to have with myself. * The final one is about how we communicate with the organisation around us. Download printable poster here: http://blog.crisp.se/teamsuccessfactors Camera, script, graphics and editing: Jimmy Janlén Book: Visualization Examples – https://visualizationexamples.com/ Johnny’S […]

How To Transform Good Teams Into Awesome Ones

This is not a talk about teams. This is a talk about you and your role in developing a great team. In order to make this happen you need to work on two levels: The Zen Level and The Operational Level. The Zen Level is mostly about maintaining the right attitude. The Operational Level is mostly about taking the right steps. We will share our experience from Agile transformations we worked on recently, success and failure stories and steps we make while working with the teams. Join us to master the two levels while working with your people. Beware, they […]