UnLearning in MTB: riding Le Marche region


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UnLearning in MTB riding Le Marche region
Experiential Learning in Nature through the Mountain Bike in Italy

What about the Big Picture ?
Beyond UnLearning (Lifelong Learning)
UnLearning in MTB may seem a contradiction, but you can learn something new by unlearning what is no longer useful. Experiences can be merged, confused, mixed, hybridized. Thanks to this merge, confuse, mix you will be able to make those new quantum leaps. Unlearning does not mean forgetting. To block knowledge or to close it in narrow and separate areas, is an easy temptation when it seems that everything is turning into a continuous run towards the newness. Now more than ever, we need to renew our awareness so that you can give meaning and direction to the complexity in which we are immersed.

Which is the context ?
In Your Shoes (Inner Journey)
The inner journey in Nature is a journey of awareness, the path to oneself. Traveling we realize that what we see outside is the mirror of what is inside of us. Sometimes we take a path and we don’t know that it will lead us straight to the depths of our soul. This training course in Nature is a great way to reborn, the transformation is a form of healing like an inner journey made of a climb and a descent. The inner journey is the continuous inner rebirth, the continuous blossoming of oneself. The journey is not the final destination but the path that is taken to arrive at what has been proposed. Our destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things.

Which is the reason why ?
Regenerative Purpose (Transformative Learning)
The huge natural spectacle, reminds man of his intrinsic weakness and vulnerability, awakens a sense of humility by reducing ambitions. This training course allows you to focus on the present moment, to live the Here and Now. Stop thinking about the past, complain, regret and stop looking to the future with doubts and fears about what could happen. It is only in the present that we can operate profitably. It allows oneself to understand and recognize what most characterizes one’s person and explore that mixed path between thinking and acting.

Which is the methodology ?
Outdoor Training (Experiential Learning)
Practicing the reality of Nature. If the setting of the experience takes place in the midst of Nature, psychological and spiritual benefits are produced, contributing to the achievement of the educational objectives. Outdoor training is an exciting and engaging training methodology that leads participants to learn immediately and directly by relying on all their personal resources (mind, body and emotions) to achieve individual and group goals. In a real professional and personal training experience that uses the support of concrete and emotionally involving situations in nature sessions.

What happens during the execution ?
All Mountain (Evolution Lab)
The bike is a medium not the result. The bike is the tool to reach a higher goal. Training course in Nature that uses the metaphor of the Hike Biking on the Mountain Bike (one bike for each participant will be rented). An experience in touch with the Mountain is able to induce a strong sense of spirituality – that by replacing the contact with the divinity – calms the fears of the humankind. Putting the real experience of the individual at the center of the learning process – stimulating the reflection, the validation and the internalization of cognitive models and effective behaviors. To work on oneself in a natural context, to the rhythm of Nature. Through the Hike Biking and the help of the Experiential Trainer – you will recognize, understand and exercise your distinguishing features.

Where is the place to be ?
Le Marche Region (Conero Mount in Italy)
The smell of Conero will remain on you, a good combination between the scent of the wild green of the forest and the deep blue of the sea. You will appreciate the breathtaking sloping views over its bays and wild beaches, to observe the seagulls flying free, to smell the intense smell of its strawberry trees, to explore the bowels of the rocky walls, to be able to recognize its wild herbs, the native types of wines and shellfish.

The time is now, okay ?
Twenty Twenty-Three (Spring / Summer / Autumn 2023)
Yay, the event is mainly held from the beginning of May to the end of September 2023 (August only in exceptional cases). On the Conero with the frequency of once a week during May, June, July, September.

Any plans ?
Agenda (Ad Maiora Semper)
We arriving at the event prepared, with a topic to work on, which will remain for the entire journey. At the start we will discover the traveling buddy. Different people who will live the journey each with their own challenge. Everyone works on himself and with his own times, taking advantage of his own awareness and potential. At the end of the journey we come back with new personal elements to work on, to start the virtuous process of change improvement. Nature is not a place, Nature is an experience. It is an experience of transcendence in which man recognizes himself as part of something greater. In Nature you can rediscover what you are and what you have forgotten. It is a practical experience of inner search.
from 9.30 AM to 10 AM | briefing: welcome and warm-up exercises
from 10 AM to 11 AM | playing: experiential learning in nature through the mountain bike
from 11 AM to 11.30 AM | debriefing: retrospective with collective sharing and upcoming actions
from 11.30 AM to 12.30 PM | playing: experiential learning in nature through the Small Tecniques
from 12.30 PM to 2 PM | lunch: max relax
from 2 PM to 2.30 PM | briefing: instructions and implementations
from 2.30 PM to 3.30 PM | playing: experiential learning in nature through the mountain bike
from 3.30 PM to 4 PM | debriefing: retrospective with collective sharing and future actions
from 4 PM to 5 PM | playing: experiential learning in nature through the Small Tecniques
Meeting Point: Parking – Via Fonte d’Olio, 21 – 60020 Sirolo (AN) – Italy – see GMaps https://goo.gl/maps/AiXX6TFteAZ1kAdX8 (white ground parking in front of “Teatro alle Cave” banner on Strada Provinciale del Conero). Everyone will arrive at the meeting point with their own means. Punctuality at 10 AM is mandatory.

Who is the rider ?
Human 2 Human (Individuals and Teams)
This event is dedicated to all the people who are motivated and united by the desire to undertake a process of recognition, understanding and clarification of their personal and professional goals. This event is dedicated to all the people who want to improve a situation, face everyday life with a different perspective than usual, and understand if there are new behaviors and new ways of acting that can improve their existence. This event is dedicated to all the people who can be able to have total confidence in what is proposed during the journey by suspending all judgment. With the desire to go deeper in oneself by removing all the masks that society has given us over the years. This event is dedicated to all the people who can set aside all the techniques and methodologies that have been acquired until now. Nature joyfully welcomes the man ready to evolve: she nurtures a genuine hope of living an important moment, building a relationship of love. In the eyes of the common man, the Wood appears as a simple set of trees, plants and animals. The man who takes part in this experiential event knows that the Wood is a complex system that moves, breathes, exchanges information and is constantly evolving. Nature is not just a background on which things happen, but becomes one of the main actors. Nature produces in people metaphorical and archetypal reminders that influence human behavior in a more immediate and profound way. Nature requires you to adapt and this is also a way to get back in touch with her and overcome your limitations.

Who is the “Socrate” ?
Adriano Gasparri (Experiential Trainer).

I am an Experiential Trainer – consider me as your elder brother. I help professionals to assimilate and put into practice concepts that are beneficial to your business. To do this, I offer face-to-face training courses as well as e-learning courses where I act as a facilitator to help you reach your goals through iterative & incremental processes. I have been active in the training field for several years. My goal is to instill the challenge of change and create a solid culture of ongoing improvement. What makes me different is my method – the unique facilitation process through which I transfer skills and experiences with the aid of new business tools. Let me help you to reach your full potential—together we will explore new horizons and share playful, practical and theoretical experiences.

How much ?
Don’t bother trying at all (I investing in MySelf)
The cost of the experiential event is € 100 per person.
The price includes:
– transfer round trip from Civitanova Marche (MC) to Sirolo (AN) by car (available only for the first 3 members)
– 1 day of experiential training
– 1 day of rental of an e-bike (MTB with assisted pedaling) including helmet and damage insurance
The price doesn’t include:
– lunch to be considered packed
– every transportation costs to the meeting point
– extra and any other business

How book ?
Yep (In the saddle)
You must register by purchasing the event within 2 days before the date (choose an option above and click on the add to cart button at the top of the page). The event can only be purchased in advance online by credit card, paypal or bank transfer. From registration a direct contact with the participant will be activated, providing preparatory assistance to the experience: acceptance of the level of physical preparation of the participant and his specific needs.

Covid 19: what containment measures are planned in Italy?
Stay Safe (better safe than sorry)
Each person must have the following personal protective equipment:
– some disposable and/or reusable surgical masks (no scarf, no neck warmer, no bandana, no handkerchief, no mask with filter and cap). The mask should not be worn during physical activity, but always close in order to be worn during stops.
– a few pairs of disposable latex and/or nitrile gloves. Gloves should only be worn if requested.- double plastic bag to store used and/or sweaty personal protective equipment
Social distancing:
– mandatory distance of 2 meters between one person and another with the exception of family members and/or relatives
– it is not possible to exchange objects (even if collected in kind) and/or clothing between the participants.
– during breakfast/lunch/dinner breaks, participants must be at distances even greater than 2 meters excluding family members and/or relatives. In case of approach, it is necessary to wear the mask.
– only those who are not Covid 19 positive can participate at the experiential journey. It is also required to know the D.L. 6 of 23/02/20, Article 1, Lett. h) and i), which precludes access to any activity to anyone in the last 14 days is aware of having had contact with subjects results positive to Covid19 or comes from a risk area according to O.M.S. indications. It is also required to be aware of the fact that in the presence of fever (over 37.5 °) or other flu symptoms, the participant has the obligation to remain at home and to call his family doctor and the health authority.

Any notes ?
Sticky Notes (I’m reading them carefully)
– minimum 2 attendees to start. You will be refunded if minimum is not reached or we’ll plan another date
– maximum 6 participants to sould out. A waiting list will be activated to the people who stay out and another date will be proposed.
– the event is not dedicated to minors, even if accompanied by a parent
– the event does not include accident insurance, the attendee will sign the responsibility waivers to the tour organizers before departure
– in case of attendee’s delay more than 15 min, the tour will start anyway and the ticket will not be refunded
– you can participate to the event using only an e-bike MTB (full or front in good technical condition), own bike or for hire, you can’t participate to the event with a traditional MTB (without battery)
– wearing a helmet is mandatory (included in the bike rental but those who own one can use it) and wearing gloves is strongly recommended (for those who do not have them, alternatively you can use gym gloves or similar)
– wearing clothing that allows you to pedal unimpeded is recommended, if it’s possible bike clothing. Cycling pad is strongly recommended (for those who do not have it, alternatively you can use a microfiber underwear with tight fitness pants). Bringing spare clothing with you is also recommended.
– wearing sunglasses is recommended, useful for protecting yourself from sun, dust or wind.
– bringing a backpack with water-food reserves inside is recommended (eg: water bottle with water and energy bars)
– you can wear bike protections such as knee pads, elbow pads, wrist bands to protect yourself from possible impact with the ground.
– you can bring a puncture repair kit with you (eg: pump & go spray or new inner tube with portable bike pump)
– outdoor activities can be affected by the weather, in any case of impracticality due to adverse weather conditions they can be replaced with indoor activities.

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