Mastermind Group

The Mastermind Group represents the opportunity to team up with other business professionals. A small group of people who help each other overcoming the obstacles of their own projects by leveraging everyone’s skills and ideas.

Being part of a Mastermind is an opportunity to compare with professionals who have similar but not equal experiences, to learn something new. This is why a Mastermind enriches, you give and you get. Participants must be more or less at the same level of awareness. This does not mean that they must have the same knowledge, but rather be complementary in order to benefit the group to the best of their ability.

Others must need you as much as you need them. Reciprocity is the keyword of Mastermind. The participants should instinctively like each other, a feeling should be created. During the Mastermind you will talk to peers about your projects and ideas related to your business. The meetings are strictly confidential and everything remains between the participants.

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