Put more life into your work

Steve Munroe shares how he—and many like him—left more ‘lucrative’ lines of work for a life of greater purpose, connection and satisfaction in the new creative economy. He implores us to educate ourselves in the greatest skill that economy will require: the ability to change.

He shows how a community of digital nomads, corporate refugees and creative professionals in Bali offer a glimpse into the future of work, and the kind of education that helps this tribe to navigate the rapidly shifting, location-independent economy.

After a ten year, 11 country stint at the United Nations, Steve founded three companies in three years. These include Hubud, Bali’s first coworking space and a global hotspot for digital nomads, and TurnPoint, an education and media startup which gives people the shift in skillset and mindset they need to transition into a passion-driven, globally mobile work life.

Through Hubud, Steve helped pioneer a modern working environment, drawing over 1800 from 60 countries people to work in Bali in 22 months. He is exploring how work practices are changing and how education-when properly done-can help people take control of their lives, pursue their passions and find their place in an increasingly borderless world.

Johnny'S Cove
CoWorking & CoLiving in Civitanova Marche (MC) - Italy

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